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Anti Snore relief...

So much more quite and well rested after using this little magic item. Really easy to use and comfortable to use. Love it thank you so much. I will be back for more...🙂

It works

A little uncomfortable at first but it works...

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

Actual Use

The darn thing works. Have tried many things with a lot or promise but no result. For some reason, this thing works. It’s not real comfortable and you’ll probably find it on the floor in the morning but it works well and long enough for the wife to go to sleep. Oh yeah, you look the best wearing it with the lights out😵

It Works

I have found this device effective for me to reduce my snoring. I sometimes knock it out rolling in the night otherwise, my lady is greatful for some sleep. Thank you.


So far is working, I just use it for a couple of days.

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

An honest product that stopped my snoring.

When I took out the product, I was skeptical that it would be comfortable. Well, not only does this device’s so, so comfortable.


Much improvement. Hubby does much better, which means I get sleep!

What a relief it is!

It works! The plastic ventilator to large and heavy. I removed it and reduce the edges of silicone. Now, I wear it comfortably and sleep without snoring all night. Dry mouth reduced a lot! My wife still snores but problem reduced 90 %.

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

excellent product

I recently ordered and received your micro anti snore device. I have now used it for several nights. No problems and I am able to sleep for longer
time periods with deeper sleep.

Sleeprite micro anti snore device review

Device works pretty good but I think it is overpriced when examined at how simple it is and inexpensive to produce. I purchased a second one for my son who use a CPAP but we'll hold off before giving to him after my appointment with my sleep specialist so he can look at it. I was unable to use CPAP because of it causing bloating. I have a very low sleep apnea diagnosis. The device falls out sometimes because my nostrils are larger than average I guess. I only ordered your device because I was unable to find the one my doctor advised. It was one worn inside the mouth to keep the tongue press down. Thanks Melody Mize


it seems to work ok, but it is a little front heavy, I think it could do without the venting toward the top because it makes more noise that way.

Guess I’ll keep trying it.

I’ve tried it every night since I’ve purchased it and I have yet to wake up with it in my nose. My thought is that after significant use the rubber would get softer and stay in more. But so far, I’m not too thrilled with results.


Works somewhat and is kind of small . The tubes that insert in the nose could be longer

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

Takes time to get use to it.

SleepRite takes a bit of getting use to. I haven’t yet been able to sleep the entire night with it in - I tend to remove it during the night - however my partner says I don’t snore when it is in.

It's okay - I think I need to get used to it as I don't feel I get as much air as I do with breath strips.

Micro Anti Snore Device

The device is quite comfortable but I find that I have removed it before the night is out - without realising I am doing it, so haven't seen any improvement as yet. I will continue to persevere.

Not for me

Very hard to breathe with it in. Will continue to give it a go.

It works!

Something is wrong with my CPAP machine, ordered this to get me through until the CPAP is fixed. IT WORKS! I'm getting rested at night and my husband says I'm not snoring! I give it a 5 star rating.


Have used device for a few nights, it helps inasmuch as snoring is not as loud, (I am told)!. I find by 4 a.m. though that I am looking to remove the device, as it becomes a bit more uncomfortable.

Sleep rite micro anti snore device

Work OK replaced my cpap. I recommended to a few friends

Working Well!

I've used for a week, sleeping better, rested in morning and no snoring!