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I have tried for three nights.......two nights I feel it worked for me, allowing me to breath easier....the other night not so much......but will continue to use it.....a little tricky getting it in my nose but getting the hang of it.....

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

Husbands Snoring

Works well along with a mouth piece.

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

This is the best anti-snoring device I have ever tried. I think I’ve tried almost everything… The mouthpieces causing me great discomfort and sometimes pain, but the sleep right device has been comfortable from the first night and has significantly reduced the noise I make when I sleep, according to my wife. :-).

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device


Snoring is quieter so some improvement. Love that the sleeprite is so transportable.

Enjoying it

Can notice a difference in breathing and sleep quality-breathing is lil deeper and louder than normal but definitely better than the snoring so my wife can sleep and I feel better in the mornings

It has worked as advertized

Snoring woes

This product works . I had such a problem with my snoring. It was awful. I tried several other devices. They did help a bit but I went right back to my awful snoring. I found this product and decided to try it. The feedback from my family is that they don’t hear me snore at all. The appliance is not hard to wear. I will definitely recommend this product.

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device

SleepRite™ Micro Anti Snore Device


Works great husband loves it.

Best device ever!!

I have tried everything and nothing worked until I got SleepRite. I haven’t snored since I started using it. First time I haven’t snored in years!!!! Would recommend to anyone!

Great item

Got it for my dad and he said he’s sleeping a lot better and longer

Very good

Breathing better snoring less


Bought for my boyfriend and it works great! Thank you.

Works great!!

I was a little skeptical about this device However, It has helped more than I originally expected. According to my wife I am snoring less and falling asleep quicker. It puts just enough resistance to help me out. It does fall out sometimes but I am usually asleep by that point :). Only reason for not giving 5 stars was due to the fact I had to reach out to them regarding a device (which was lost in the mail, other story) and it took them quite a while to get back to me. Otherwise an overall great experience!!

You wake up really thirsty but other than that I don't have any complaints.

Product works well

I have no idea how this works but my wife is most impressed. A bit odd to wear at first and occasionally falls out overnight but after a short time barely notice it.

Sleep Rite

Love this device! I'm sleeping much better at night!

Sleep Rite, Sleep Tight

Very effective

It works

So far the unit is working. Comfortable fit.

Works well

They do their job, works well to open up the breathing and decrease the snoring. I noticed a huge difference it provided my sleeping partner with, I could sleep with ease